Halstead's Helping Hands Estate Sales
        A professional 'helping hand' for all your estate liquidation needs

Halstead's Helping Hands...A Professional 'Helping Hand' for all your estate liquidation needs

About Our Services

Who Needs Our Services?
When a family member, relative, or estate executor/trustee has a probated or non-probated estate, which needs to be liquidated.
When one is downsizing or relocating a residence and wishes to liquidate all or some of the household contents.
When a divorce, separation, or major lifestyle shift results in the need to sell possessions.
When a company or organization changes direction or downsizes, resulting in the need to liquidate.

When Are Estate Sales Held?
The sale itself is usually conducted on a weekend and may include a Friday. However, each sale is unique and the hours and days are determined accordingly. Larger sales may include additional days and hours.

Why Should I have an Estate Sale?
Having an Estate sale on-site could bring in more money from the the sale of the personal property than by any other means of liquidation, and often more than an auction house. Your items are more appealing and sell better when the house is staged and the items are displayed in an appropriate atmosphere. An on-site sale offers the convenience of no packing and no moving, both of which can result in damage.

How Is Advertising Handled?
For each and every sale, we offer e-mail and postcard distributions to an extensive list of collectors, dealers, designers, decorators, retail customers and folks who just love sales. This includes a brief description of the estate contents and the date, location, and time of the sale. All this information as well as photos of the contents of the sale will be posted on Estate Sales as well as our Website, our Blog, and our Facebook page to maximize exposure. We advertise in the local newspapers, Craigslist, plus other advertising venues. 
We have a large following and they contact us regularly to find out about our sales.

Why Should I Hire Halstead’s Helping Hands?
Halstead’s Helping Hands Estate Liquidations serves as the overseer of the sale of all items included and will work to bring in collectors, dealers and buyers willing to pay the best prices. 
Identification of and placing a value on antiques, collectibles, household items, art, collections, vehicles and property coupled with the knowledge of the best fair-market value for your merchandise take study and research. It involves continual research. 
Our qualified staff provides you with just that experience. 
The extra money an experienced agent can realize for you from just a few items, priced right, can sometimes pay the entire commission charged for the sale.

How Much Will It Cost?
It will cost nothing out of pocket. Estate sale professionals usually charge a commission based on the size of the sale, how much work will be involved to prepare and run the sale and whether there will be any travel expenses should the sale be located in a city outside of the normal range of operation. Some items like vehicles or special equipment may be sold on a flat fee, but most items are sold on commission. All fees and commissions are accessed during the initial consultation. 

How Long Does It Take to Prepare A Sale?
A good estate sale professional will be able to keep preparation time to a minimum, usually one week for an average size sale. Some sales require more time depending on the quantity of merchandise. Properties in the country with acreage, outbuildings, barns, etc. usually take longer. Time is required for sorting, pricing, categorizing, displaying, photographing, and advertising deadlines. We want to make sure that everything is organized, displayed, and marketed appropriately before the sale begins. 

What Is Done With Things That Do Not Sell?
At the completion of the sale, the remaining items are disposed of per arrangement made ahead of time between the owner and the agent. In cases where the items are donated to charity, the agent will supply a receipt to the Owner, which can be used to tax deduction purposes. In the case of certain really good items, Halstead’s Helping Hands may accept a consignment for a future sale or for sale off-site.                  

Do I Need to Be Present During the Sale?
Most estate sale professionals will agree that it seems easier for the family to stay away. This is a very emotional time and it is less painful to not witness the goings on. The owner’s presence at the sale can be intimating for the customers and, in fact rarely helps to increase the proceeds from the sale. 

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